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Helocast Operation
Helocast Jump Overview Video

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Helocasting combines a helicopter and small boat in the same operation. It is planned and conducted much the same as air movement operations, except that the LZ is in the water. While a helicopter moves at low levels (20 feet) and low speeds (20 knots), the sniper team launches a small boat and enters the water. Members then assemble, climb into the boat, and continue the mission.  (FM 23-10, C6, Operations)

In the Spring of 2001, 1st Platoon, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 125th Signal Battalion, 25th Infantry Division (Light), U.S. Army, Hawaii, set out to conduct Helocast Training.  

The result was a successful first time Helocast Operation conducted in the history of the 125th Signal Battalion.   

The purpose of this web site is to capture the historical event, so that it may be shared with soldiers, family, and friends.  

This web site is only a guide in Helocast Training and Operations.  It is not intended to address all of the training that is required in conducting a safe Helocast Operation.